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The CONSTELLATION® Vision system is an ophthalmic microsurgical system that is indicated for both anterior segment (phacoemulsification & removal of cataracts) & posterior segments (Vitrioretinal) ophthalmic surgery. As said by the brand, the Vitrioretinal surgery has changed forever because of the CONSTELLATION® Vision System! This system allows a surgeon for completely new approaches & techniques in Vitrioretinal surgery. Some of the salient features of CONSTELLATION® Vision System are:

  • The ULTRAVIT® vitrectomy probe with duty cycle control provides high speed cutting & the ability to modify duty cycle for flow control independent of vacuum and cutting.
  • Advanced Xenon Illuminator provides state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues.
  • Embedded 532nm PUREPOINT® Laser offers advanced laser technology controlled from the CONSTELLATION® Vision System screen for an integrated surgical experience.
  • V-LOCITY® Efficiency Components including ENGAUGE® RFIT, Auto Infusion Valve, Auto Gas Fill and the Articulating Tray Arm are designed to optimize OR setup and enhance the surgical experience.
  • 17” Articulating touch panel with advanced GUI and video DFUs

For more details, features are explained in brief.


1. ULTRAVIT® Beveled High Speed Probe:

It provides the benefit of faster cutting & smaller Vitreous bites without fluidic compromise. This probe is indicated for vitreous cutting & aspiration, membrane cutting & aspiration, dissection of tissue and lens removal. It features a unique beveled tip design which allows the cutter port to get closer to retina. Its cutting speed is optimized at 10000 cuts per minute. As compared to the previous ULTRAVIT® and ULTRAVIT® High speed which have 5000 CPM & 7500 CPM Speed, ULTRAVIT® Beveled High Speed probe gives an excellent speed of 10000 CPM. As a result of its high speed cutting, there is a reduction in vitreoretinal traction & more efficient vitreous removal. This amazing probe is powered by Alcon’s Dual-Pneumatic drive technology which precisely regulates opening & closing of port via controlled airflow. The Dual-Pneumatic probe technology results in fewer iatrogenic breaks than spring driven probes. Its proprietary shaft design enhances instrument stiffness & provides more control compared to ULTRAVIT® 25G probes. Experience the ULTRAVIT® Beveled High Speed Probe exclusively on the CONSTELLATION® System.

2. Finesse® Flex Loop:

This specially designed loop is made up of Nitinol alloy which consists of Nickel & Titanium. It is designed for optimal consistency when creating an edge on the ILM/ERM. It has concave tine shape which impedes penetration exponentially with increasing indentation. These probes are designed in such a way that its tine loops penetrate into the ILM for not more than 85%. The probe is designed with a fully retractable tip which allows for an easy insertion into the eye through both valved & non-valved cannulas. The Finesse® Flex Loop creates and edge on the ILM/ERM, making it easy to grasp with forceps without the loss of coating particulate matter.

3. Stable IOP Control:

Intraocular pressure (IOP) control is one feature that sets the Constellation apart from other vitrectomy machines. This control allows surgeons to keep IOP within 2 mm Hg of a preset level. The IOP control utilizes flow sensors at the bottom of the cassette that directly compensates to maintain a set pressure. It features proprietory ALCON® Non-Invasive Flow Sensor Technology & enables excellent control & constant globe stability. It also enables the surgeon to implement bottle changes without procedure interruption. Along with this, it also includes low & empty bottle alerts.

4. Integrated PUREPOINT® Laser:

With fully integrated PUREPOINT® Laser, CONSTELLATION® Vision System gives surgeon exceptional laser precision & control. Intuitively designed for improved functionality & ease of use, the PUREPOINT® Laser feature:

  • Laser control from the CONSTELLATION® System monitor.
  • Thin disk laser technology
  • The assurance of voice confirmation technology
  • Dual ports for simplified transition from endoprobe to LIO.
  • Customizable multi-function foot pedal for complete surgeon control.

5. Advantages with Valved Cannulas:

  • No additional forceps is required. That is, no need to plug cannulas while not using them.
  • No vitreous incarceration.
  • Prevents turbulence under BSS under instrument exchange.
  • Anterior chamber stability while performing Phaco in combined procedures.
  • Prevents posterior globe collapse under air during instrument exchange.

One of the best features of the Constellation is the machine’s user-friendly interface. With its easy-to-read screen, it allows surgeons to choose among the device’s various functions and clearly indicates when the user has switched from, for example, core vitrectomy to shave vitrectomy. With this given, there are reasons explained below why this CONSTELLATION® Vision System is a Game Changer.