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Medical Retina

  • The medical retina is a broad terminology that covers many retinal conditions that can be treated with medications or lasers
  • All the conditions that do not need surgery can otherwise be considered medical retinal issues.
  • Many of the medical retinal diseases have underlying systemic causes. for example, diabetic retinopathy is a direct result of long-standing and/or uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Venous occlusions usually occur in patients having high blood pressure.
  • A combination of diabetes & hypertension has more severe effects in both these conditions.
  • CSR is typically a stress-related disease seen in patients with Type A personalities.
  • Therefore in all medical retinal conditions control of the primary/ underlying disease is as important if not more, compared to the treatment given by the retinal specialist.
  • This a fact that is often overlooked/ under stressed and the most common cause of treatment failures.
  • Diseases like CSR can actually be cured by simply reducing stress and may not require any treatment in a majority of cases.

Common medical retina problems:

Treatment options: