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What is macular hole?

Macular hole is a condition in which there's is a full thickness discontinuity of layers at the macula. in other words, there is a gap or a hole in the macula.

What is macula?

Macula is the central most and the most sensitive part of the retina

What are the symptoms of macular hole?

In small/early macular holes patients may complain that lines appear wavy/crooked. As the hole becomes larger patients complain of missing letters, inability to identify faces or a black spot in the field of vision, called scotoma.

How is macular hole diagnosed?

It can be diagnosed easily by your retina specialist by just viewing the retina. He may also take a picture of the same and show it to you. Besides diagnosing macular hole clinically, a test called oct (optical coherence tomography) is done. The test helps to confirm and document a full thickness hole, and also helps in measuring the size, shape and other important characteristics which help in predicting whether the hole will close or no.

Why did i get a macular hole? Will I get it in the other eye?

Most macular holes are believed to be idiopathic in origin, which simply means that its exact cause is not known. it is known that holes form due to tangential traction at the macula but why it happens in some and not in others is not known. it is seen more commonly in females than in males. About a third of patients may develop a hole in the other eye at some point.

What is the treatment of macular hole?

Macular holes can only be treated with the help of surgery by a retinal surgeon. Sophisticated equipment called “micro incision vitreous surgery – mivs” also called small gauge or sutureless vitrectomy is used. It is a day care procedure and patients are discharged almost immediately if they are comfortable.

How are the results of surgery?

The results of macular hole surgery depend on lot of factors including the size, shape and duration of the hole. In general, the success rates of macular hole closure are excellent, more than 80-90 % holes close after single surgery.

What are the precautions after surgery?

The patient is required to lie down with face down for about 48 hours post surgery. this step is very important for hole closure

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