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ILM peeling in extreme situations: myopic macular hole with RD

Video showing the surgical challenges of ILM peeling in a patient with high myopia; an extremely long eye and posterior staphyloma. Some of the surgical challenges are a highly mobile retina, lack of contrast, multiple membranes and above all instruments barely reaching the retina due to a long eyeball. it is advantageous to peel the ILM without PFCL in these situations

How to remove a posteriorly dislocated Intraocular Lens (IOL)

This video demonstrates the pick up of a dropped IOL over the retina, its mobilisation into the anterior chamber and removal thereafter using the classic bimanual "handshake" technique

ILM peel in Retinal Detachment (no PFCL)

Video showing the technique of internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling in detached retina, without the use of perflurocarbon liquids (PFCLs).ILM peeling in such situations poses a challenge due to excessively mobile retina. However if one is patient a good peel can be achieved even without the use of any heavy liquids

choroidal detachments - How to drain choroidal detachments?

Choroidal detachments. The video shows a minimally invasive, single quadrant. single sclerotomy technique to externally drain non -resolving massive (kissing) choroidals. The suprachoroidal space being continuous and the absence of septa in a serous choroidal, as opposed to hemorrhagic choroidals, allows near complete "on table" drainage through a single quadrant, single sclerotomy!!

Diabetic vitrectomy : segmentation delamination

One of our old videos showing the CLASSIC 20G segmentation delamination technique of dissecting diabetic membranes. one can seen the "vascular nails" very clearly which are identified and severed to free the membrane from the underlying retina. once the membrane is mobile it is easily eaten up with the cutter and residual haem aspirated with a soft tip on flute needle.


Ozurdex (Allergan) Intravitreal Implant | Retinal Treatment by Retina Specialist in Mumbai

Retina Treatment: This video demonstrates a "no touch" technique for near painless injection of a sustained release dexamethasone implant "ozurdex"
it shows how the implant can be inserted in an "atraumatic" manner, thereby causing minimum pain/discomfort to a patient.

A Rock in the eye

Snapshots from a case of "black nucleus" drop during manual SICS. this nucleus was as hard as a rock and wouldn't crack even with max phaco power of the fragmatome. the lens was impaled using an MVR and delivered in toto through the external scleral tunnel.

ERM peeling-retina surgery

The video shows the removal of a thick epiretinal membrane (ERM) in a patient with macular pucker. A bent 24G needle sometimes works as an excellent tool to initiate the ERM peeling which can then be grasped by a forceps and removed in toto as shown in the video.

How to peel ILM? Macular hole surgery : step by step

This video demonstrates a step wise approach during the surgery for macular holes

Mumbai eye retina clinic

Glimpses of our clinic, our second home!


Video showing 23G sutureless MIVS surgery for macular hole in a high myope which presents unique challenges like poor contrast due to tessellated fundus and poor staining of ILM with brilliant blue green dye. Despite poor staining, ILM is well visualised once the initial peeling is started and one can complete the peeling 360 degrees around the hole
Key words: macular hole, ILM peeling, Brilliant Blue Green, 23G vitrectomy, MIVS


PVD (Posterior Vitreous Detachment) refers to the separation of the posterior vitreous cortex from the retina. In a patient with retinal detachment, creation of PVD surgically is considered as one of the most crucial steps to ensure a successful Retinal reattachment. As the vitreous is transparent, identification of the posterior vitreous cortex is extremely difficult. In high myopes, this is further compounded by a thin transparent retina and tessellated FUNDUS with poor contrast. This increases the risk of iatrogenic tears. This video demonstrates the use of triamcinolone to identify the posterior vitreous cortex thereby rendering it visible to ensure a safe and efficient PVD induction.

One Minute Retina Videos (OMRV)

Sutureless Vitrectomy for Vitreous

Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment - Vitreous Base Shaving

Anterior Vitrectomy Technique - Using 23g trocar system

Myopic Macular Hole with Retinal Detachment ILM peeling in extreme situations

How to Remove Posteriorly Dislocated Intraocular Lens

ILM peel in Retinal Detachment
(no PFCL)

Diabetic vitrectomy - segmentation delamination Mumbai Eye Retina Clinic

How to drain choroidal detachments? | choroidal detachments