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A super Speciality Retina Clinic

"Mumbai Eye Retina Clinic" is a super speciality retina care centre dedicated "exclusively" to the management of posterior segment eye disorders.We specialise in the management of uveitis (ocular inflammation), medical and surgical retinal diseases and ocular imaging techniques

Why choose us?

This was one of the toughest parts of the website. How does one justify as to why does one choose them? Then I thought let me start by asking myself as to what would i be looking for in a doctor/clinic if i were to consult myself or my loved ones? immediate things that came to my mind were: the doctor should be well qualified for what he projects, should have reasonable experience in his field, should be approachable and friendly and the clinic should be clean with good ethical and medical practices.

these were exactly the starting points or the stepping stones when we started out in 2015. Our working principle was “ to establish MERC as the symbol of transparent & ethical medical practice and a centre of excellence for retinal diseases and provide the latest standard of care with the highest level of efficiency and human touch”

Mumbai eye & retina clinic is not the typical “corporate” hospital. It is more of a warm small cosy clinic with a homely and welcoming atmosphere. And this was not by accident, but by intent. An important part of patient care is to understand patient psychology and ally fears regarding the treatment, a fact often overlooked in busy hospitals. At MERC, special emphasis is laid on allaying the patient’s anxiety/fears as soon as the patient walks in. the entire flow from when the patient walks in till the patient walks out is streamlined keeping the patient’s comfort and stress in mind. We firmly believe that the patient may or may not get treated by us as they have the full right to choose their doctors, but if the patient goes back from the clinic without understanding their disease or as scared as they walked in, then it would be a failure in our part.

small in size, big on performance:

Though small in size, “merc” is fully equipped with all the modern types of equipment that one could expect from any state of the art retina clinic. From simple retinal diagnostics to the most retinal surgeries, you name it and we have it. Unlike a huge corporate, there are no long queues for registration as patients are taken on a strictly ‘appointment only’ basis, so that no patient wastes time.

Qualified doctors and excellent staff:

A clinic/hospital is as good as the doctors and the support staff. without them, it would just be a building. Dr Madhusudan has been trained and the elitist of institutions and that has enabled him to absorb the best medical practices from all these places into his own clinic “merc”. With more than 10 years of exclusive retina practice, you can be sure to get the best care possible. Similarly, the support staff at the clinic is extremely supportive, friendly and enthusiastic about patient care.

so let me try and answer it again:

why choose us?

choose us because we are a small budding and honest practice with strong ethical roots.

choose us because we care how well our patients do, rather than how many we do

choose us because we believe we can help.

above all choose us because we care for our patients!

Our History

The Mumbai Eye & Retina Clinic or ‘MERC’ was started on the 1st of February 2015 as a small but warm OPD centre primarily aimed as a referral centre for patients with retinal diseases What started as a small outpatient clinic, soon metamorphosed into a full-fledged daycare MEDICAL & SURGICAL retina centre that caters to all retinal diseases from simple diagnosis to the most complex retinal surgeries. With a fully equipped diagnostic and retinal surgical suite and top visualising systems, we are equipped to tackle the most challenging cases.

Building Trust

Since our establishment in 2015, we have seen over 6,500 patients. It took a while to get started but the work has been steadily increasing ever since. We receive patients not only from nearby suburbs but also from the town, Thane, Navi Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra. Over the last 1-2 years, we have also received patients from different parts of India and the world! This is highly encouraging as it tells about the faith our patients have in us. It’s a testimony to our character and ethical nature of our practice.

Improving Lives

At “Mumbai Eye & Retina Clinic” our main focus is “patient outcome” and “patient satisfaction”. Everything else comes secondary. By offering specialised retinal procedures like angiographies, intravitreal injections and surgeries at very affordable charges we make highly sophisticated treatment accessible to the common man. Soon we plan to start a special charitable wing, to provide even more subsidised care to the underprivileged.